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At Treevita, we believe that a real estate investment company should care about the properties that they invest in and the people that live in them. That’s why we focus on multifamily properties and commercial real estate that enhances communities and makes life better for everyone!

Welcome to Treevita

Since our founding in 2013, Treevita has helped over 7500 residents settle into  properties in the South East. We’re a seasoned real estate management company that puts your comfort and needs first every time.

Our properties are all expertly renovated and outfitted with modern conveniences to ensure that are comfortable in a wide range options.

The corporate vision is to create value and expertise in the multifamily and commercial industry, while enhancing communities.

Treevita group commits to honesty, integrity, and quality through its senior leaders’ constant guidance and expertise.


Browse our project catalog to see the incredible transformations that we bring to our properties and tenants every day! Whether you’re looking for ideas or just seeing what you’ll get when you start your journey with Treevita, these albums showcase our years of expertise in areas like real estate and property management. From medium Multifamily properties to large commercial developments, we’ve truly done it all!

New Colony Homes

180 Units Lauderhill, FL.

Cascavita II at Lauderhill

88 Units Lauderhill, Fl.

Polaris at Camp Creek

155 Units Camp Creek, GA.

Ocean House Apartments

186 Units North Miami Beach, FL.

Treebecka Park Apartments

144 Units Gainesville, FL.

Riverwalk II Apartments

112 Units Homestead, FL.

Before and After

Want an inside look at our work? These before and after photos showcase the expertise of our renovation team and our commitment to providing modern comforts. Browse our album to see what kind of magic we can work on commercial properties, multi-family residences, and much more!


Treevita is committed to customer satisfaction by providing modern comforts, conveniences, exceptional services, and best rental choices.
​Our success is due to our dedicated staff, offering high professionalism and skillfulness in all areas.

Treevita Expertise  and More About Us

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Our Mission

We believe in the value of our communities, and our goal is to enhance that value by creating beautiful, affordable properties for a variety of residential and commercial needs. We believe in honesty, integrity, and quality in the pursuit of building a better world, one property at a time.

The group is engaged in making a positive impact in the communities where our investments are located.

Our Strategy

Treevita’s core business centers on the selection of Multifamily and Commercial assets through acquisition, development, redevelopment, and management by taking advantage of its executive team’s industry and investment expertise. Its professionalism and flexibility give the company the opportunities and possibilities to strategically find investments with high returns, secured growth, and low risk. ​When managing properties, the firm enhances operational efficiencies, knowledge, and agility; maximizing the value of the investment. The firm analyzes market and financial fundamentals to guide the selection of all of our properties. We strive to find a property that suits your needs and style. After we’ve found the perfect property, our expert team of renovators ensures that the property is in its best shape.


Our blog is the best place for news about real estate management, commercial property management, and much more! Whether you’re a curious beginner looking for information or a pro looking for the latest advice, we stay on top of the industry and bring you information from sources you can trust.

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