Select, Acquire, and Redevelop




Treevita’s core business centers in the selection of Multifamily and Commercial assets through acquisition, development, redevelopment, and management by taking advantage of its executive team’s industry and investment expertise.

The organization has grown from 2013, when it was founded. Treevita owns and operates more than 600 units. Its professionalism and flexibility gives the company the opportunities and possibilities to strategically find investments with high returns, secured growth, and low risk.

​When managing properties, the firm enhances operational efficiencies, knowledge and agility; maximizing the value of the investment. The firm analyzes market and financial fundamentals to guide the selection of all of our properties. The group is engaged in making a positive impact in the communities where our investments are located.

Giving back to community: We also manage and redevelop affordable housing properties serving the communities with the best-managed quality housing.

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