Every investor is sifting through the real estate market in search of the ideal real estate investment that will earn them more profits.

Treevita is a leading real estate investment and management company that can help in identifying the best property.

We have skilled agents like a commercial broker or an industrial real estate broker that will be responsible for that.

Keep reading this blog to learn about the best investment property for you.


Categories Of Real Estate Investment

There are 4 kinds of real estate investment that one should consider. They include

  • Residential,
  • Raw land,
  • Industrial, and
  • Commercial real estate.

They all possess unique advantages and disadvantages that need to be evaluated.

For example, for commercial investment, you can hire a commercial real estate broker to evaluate it for you.

Now let’s briefly describe these types:



There are many kinds of rental properties, but the single-family home is the most preferred.

Other kinds include multiple-family homes, condominiums, and duplexes.

Because of their consistent profits, they are ideal among many investors.

Note that there are many rental properties, hence investors need to select unique strategies for their market area.

Also, profits are more here as residential investments always experience many tax breaks.


Commercial And Industrial Real Estate Companies

For both investments, there are multifamily projects, office, retail, warehouse, factories, and hospitality properties.

They both attract investors that are concerned about improving different local communities.

Due to their high cash flow, they are both considered to be the best type of real estate investment.

They are known for having longer leases, lower vacancy related, and high-income potential.

There is also low investment competition for both as compared to that in the residential properties.

You can employ a commercial real estate broker or an industrial real estate broker to guide you through these investment types.


Raw land

Raw land is a vacant or scarcely occupied space that is perfect for markets with high projected growth.

This investment type may not be common among investors but it can attract high profits.

If you want to benefit from buying and holding, investment in land.

Conduct thorough market research before investing in raw land.

This will help you in choosing a profitable land real estate investment.


So, Which Is The Best Kind Of Real Estate Investment?

From the review above, it’s easy to see which best suits you. The best kind of real estate investment is different for each person, and it depends on your goals and what you are looking to gain from the investment.

You should check on the benefits and limitations of each type, but also consider other important factors when rating the investment options.

The location of the property, for example, is among the key factors to consider.

It is also true to say that most investors of commercial and industrial properties started with residential investments.

Therefore there is the possibility of investing in multiple investment types.


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