The term housing development refers to apartments and other dwellings that typically have a similar design and are usually sold or built by one management firm.

Housing and community development helps see how an area is planned. It helps address issues such as the provision of facilities, social discrimination, and distance from the place of work. It is ideal when dealing with housing and development in urban areas.

The primary purpose of a housing development plan is to create efficient housing within the city. It centers on:

  • Identifying gaps and problems in the structural plan.
  • Giving free and equal access to housing to everyone.
  • Focusing on the residential structures and plans.
  • Using land policies and financial patterns to favor people.

Importance of Housing and Development Plans

It assists people

A housing development is highly beneficial to low-income families and people who are homeless and lack basic facilities. It helps them secure affordable housing through accessing land housing finance, building materials, and local technology.


It develops communities

Housing and development help people develop! It’s as simple as that. It provides an excellent housing environment for people of all walks of life, and it also helps create an equitable and efficient house delivery and distribution.


It increases housing

A housing community often offers a provision for infrastructural facilities that can cope with the demand for improvement for environmental human settlements and increase access to lower-income households. It also expands the housing facilities to the poorest sections by initiating the government’s financial support.


It implements policies

Housing and development ensures to implement all of the government’s policies, which are geared towards eliminating poverty and providing employment opportunities. It also tries to expand the supply of developed land for housing.


It mobilizes resources

Housing community development helps to mobilize resources by investing in the housing sector to meet the urgent needs of construction, expansion, and modification.


It creates a culture of investment

Housing and development helps create a saving and investing culture in people as they encourage them to invest more and more in community housing opportunities.


It increases the role of the public in housing

Housing and community development will help increase the role of private, public, and group housing societies through well-renowned banking institutions that provide credit facilities that can help people invest in housing and development.

These institutions help in expanding investment opportunities in the housing sector.


It reduces forced evictions and demolitions

Housing community development reduces demolitions and forced evictions in urban and slum areas. Care is taken to see that semi-urban and urban poor receive suitable housing near their occupational areas.

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